Susanne Blischke
Haydnstraße 47
D-53115 Bonn
Tel. +49 (0)228 1805 9202

Interpreting Services

Please contact me to receive an individual offer for interpreting services and accompanying clients to appointments.

Translation Services

Minimum Fees

Translation requests for short texts are subject to a minimum charge of 55 € plus certification costs where requested. Be assured that short translations are also done to the highest standards.

Certification Fees

The certification of documents is charged at a flat fee of 15 € for each translation request, plus potential costs for courier or registered mail postal services.

Please note that legal VAT of 19% will be added to the prices mentioned. (Except for the flat fees for private clients shown below).


In some countries translation fees are not calculated by lines but instead by words. This practice is, however, less useful for translations into or from German. This is due to the long compound words that are typical in German, in particular for specialist texts. It has therefore become common practice for translations from or into German to calculate prices based on standard lines in the target text.

Fees are thus calculated based on every new standard line containing 55 characters (spaces included). The fees per line range from 1.30 € to 2.00 €, depending on the complexity of the text and the level of research required. The target text will always form the basis for the calculation of the total fees.

Fee-determining factors are:

For a free individual offer, please submit the original text or significant excerpts of longer documents to me by email.

Please note that legal VAT of 19% will be added to the mentioned fees, except for the following:

Special offer for private clients

For Private Clients, certified translations of standard documents are subject to flat rates, where the legal VAT and certification costs are already included. Besides the actual translation and layout work, the time needed for managing the request (appointment, email, phone calls) will also be reflected in the fees.

Examples of flat fees for Private Clients
(certification fees and VAT are included)

School-leaving diploma (fee stated for German Abitur) 120 €
Certificate of descent/Birth certificate (depending on length) 65 – 80 €
Residence permit 65 €
Official Certificate (one page) 65 €
Diploma Certificate (one page) 65 €
Certificate of conduct 65 €

Other services / Proofreading

It isn’t always possible to estimate how much time will be required for proofreading services. In most cases, I will be able to give you a total price, otherwise an hourly rate of 65 € (plus the legal VAT) will apply.

Rush Fees

Translations that need to be completed at very short notice, such as by 5pm on the following day, over the weekend or during public holidays, may be subject to a 10 – 50 % surcharge. Such projects need to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me for a free offer.

How does the payment work?

You will receive an invoice clearly listing the VAT amount, IBAN reference and VAT id. Number. Private customers are requested to pay invoices in advance.

How will you receive the certified translation?

If convenient, you can deliver the original documents directly to my personal address and pick up the translation. Otherwise, the source text is sent to me electronically as a scan and you will receive the certified translation by registered mail or by courier, whichever has been agreed (delivery charges are added to the invoice).