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Certified Translations

Having been certified as a translator for English and Spanish by the higher district court of Cologne, I am authorised to certify the correctness and completeness of my translations for official use.

Authorities often require a certified translation of documents submitted to them. These translations bear the signature and official stamp of a sworn translator, certifying the correctness and completeness of a translation and its compliance with the original text.

Sworn (certified) interpreters and translators are interpreters and translators who have taken a general oath at a district or higher regional court. While the exact designations may vary slightly from state to state, they all demonstrate that these translators and interpreters have proven their particular professional expertise and personal aptitude as language professionals for courts, official authorities and notaries. They are obligated to secrecy by law and must faithfully and dutifully transfer the spoken or written text into the respective other language.

For this purpose, the entire and easily-legible source text (original or as a certified copy) needs to be submitted. The translator’s paragraph will state which document format has formed the basis of the translation. Please note that I will not authenticate documents, as this is done by notary offices or some authorities.

In general, everything stated in the original document will be translated (e.g. letterheads, stamps, etc.). Certified translations are only valid if they bear the original translator’s stamp and can therefore not be sent by email.

A few examples where certified translations need to be presented to authorities / educational institutions / employers:

  • Agreements / Contracts
  • Certificates (birth certificate, adoption certificate, marriage certificate, etc.)
  • Certificates of good conduct
  • Credentials – certificates and other documents to support job applications or enrollment in universities (CVs, school certificates, diplomas)
  • Divorce decrees
  • Driver's licence
  • Identification documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Last wills
  • Medical certificates
  • Medical reports